Begging For Attention

Today Northwestern plays Illinois. They aren't playing at Northwestern's campus. They aren't playing at Illinois' campus. They are playing at Wrigley Field. This may have been thought to be a good idea, but ultimately it's another failed attempt at attention.

The Big 10 has been a conference that has garnered attention over the years for being a great conference. I agree that they have had some good teams, but I don't agree that the Big 10 is a great conference. Great conferences are measured by championships and lately, the Big 10 has been absent in the big game even when they have been represented.

No team is a bigger representative of the failures and falseness of the Big 10 as Ohio State. Every year they are pumped up to be this great team, but every year they fail to live up to expectations. The biggest of those failures was when they got blown out by Florida in the National Championship game.

So now, instead of upgrading the play, the Big Ten goes to making a spectacle of one of their rivalries. The only thing is that the Illinois/ Northwestern game will be one of the craziest looking games on TV today. The Wrigley field dimensions aren't big enough to hold a football field. I don't understand how the Big 10 just figured that out this week when they had this game scheduled all year. Just doesn't make any sense.

I understand what the Big 10 was trying to do, but it backfired in their face. The thing the Big 10 needs to do is focus on the product and not try to make spectacles out of games. By my account, if the Big 10 keeps this up, they will eventually end up falling further behind the SEC and will continue to allow the PAC-10 to steal more headlines.

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  1. Kareem Howard

    I think is more so the baseball teams that allow these games to be played on their field. I don’t agree with this at all, as the the Notre Dame game being played at Yankee Stadium. Just another attempt for baseball owner to earn a little extra cash during this off season. These game could’ve easily been played at their respective NFL stadiums. I think they’re trying to bite off of the NHL’s Winter Classic, played outdoors every New Years day.

    • The thing that irks me the most is that the Big 10 agreed to this and it just seems like they are trying to turn a little to gimmicks to bring attention to their conference. Pac 10 and SEC don’t have to do this. Why should the Big 10 have to?

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