Another Bad Move

I'm starting to wonder was Al Davis right. For years I have thought that Al Davis was one of the craziest, aloof owners in the NFL, but I have to give him credit on one thing he got right: the firing of Lame, I mean Lane Kiffin.

It seems like every time we start to forget about him, he finds a way for us to start talking about how terrible he really is.
First, it was him talking about Florida and the illegal things they were doing when they were doing nothing wrong. Next, it was all the secondary recruiting infractions. Then comes Lane bolting for USC and just hanging the University of Tennessee out to dry and putting Ed Orgeron up to the task of calling all the recruits that were going to Tennessee and telling them not to show up.
Just when u thought he was done bringing his negative vibes to Tennessee and to the world, he strike again, this time on the pro level. Is it just me or is the world trying to figure out what is so special about a guy who has never really been successful unless he was under Pete Carroll. And from the looks of it, they weren't exactly doing things right back then either.
If u don't know the story by now, Lane Kiffin called Jeff Fisher and left him a message to tell him that he was hiring Kennedy Pola to be his offensive coordinator at USC. One problem: He never asked for permission to interview him, nor did the Titans even know Pola was leaving. And to add more fuel to the fire, it is being rumored that Pola had been talking to Kiffin about the job since January. The next problem in this whole situation is that Pola has it written specifically in his contract with the Titans that he or the team or organization pursuing him has to notify the Titans organization when another job is being discussed so the Titans can give him permission to be interviewed.
The Titans are now taking USC to court over this move. Although I think they should be suing Pola and not USC, I understand the move by the Titans. I feel that somebody has to teach Lane how to follow the rules, if he even knows how to do that.
Personally, I think Lane Kiffin's career is known more for all the trouble he stirs up then for what he get paid to do, coach. At this rate, Lane Kiffin better get all he can out of this coaching job because the way things are going, all the bad choices in judgment and with all the people he has angered and upset along the way, he may not get another chance when he fails at USC.

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  1. Justin U.

    I would say the NCAA should impose some disciplinary action on Kiffin, but it may just take care of itself. You said it best; “he may not get another chance when he fails at USC.” Oh, and he will. Look for 7-5 the next 2-3 years at SC until LK loses his job and is relegated back to an assistant coach, this time lets hope at a D3 school so we never have to hear from him again.

    • I really think that he will have rubbed so many people the wrong way 2-3 years from now that he may not get another job for a while after this job. They had better come out strong this year or the new AD will be fixing Mike Garrett’s mistake REAL quick!

  2. Dwayne Wilmot

    Lane Kiffin is trading on the reputation built and cemented by his father Monte. Lane is an attention whore who has been coddled in the coaching community because of the respect people have for Monte. His leaving UT wasn’t that bad because he left for what was at the time one of the top 5-6 jobs in the country and still may be after the sanctions have run its course. Kiffin is an ass and has said and done numerous things to cause people to dislike him but all he wants is for you to pay attention to him either way. I think that USC will give him 3 years to get this going in the right direction because they won’t be able to hire the type of caoch they will want to a program which is still under NCAA Sanctions…so if he does not have them ready to compete for a championship by the end of year 3 he will be replaced and USC will hire outside the Pete Carroll circle to completely turn the page on this era.

    • Well said, but I think after Year 2 he will be gone. Maybe not even that far because he proved at UT that he can’t follow the rules. Miami got a good coach when they were on sanctions in Butch Davis, so anything is possible.

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