TSU vs Eastern Kentucky Photo Gallery

The Tennessee State women's and men's teams both won on Thursday night versus the Colonels of Eastern and Morgan McDaniel caught all of it in pictures!

Terrysha Banner setting up the offense

Lauren Elliot attacking the rim.

Taylor Roberts getting ready to make something happen

Lauren Elliot looking to finish inside.

Tia Wooten surveying the floor.

Intense focus from Terrysha Banner.

Asia Sims looking to get the ball inside.

Tia Wooten looking to get to the basket.

Going through the routine before a shot.


Tia getting ready to make something happen in the lane.

Tia Wooten rising up for the jumper in the lane.

Taylor Roberts with the layup.

Tia Wooten with the layup.

Jazmine Young focused on making something happen.

Zero-ing in on the competition.

Coach Kern giving instruction to her team.

Stokley Chaffee Jr battling for the opening tip.

Stokley Chaffee Jr going to the rim strong.

Armani Chaney leaving the defense standing.

Dave Morris waiting for the right time to stab at the basketball.

Tripp Davis diagnosing the defense.

Dave Morris with the reverse layup at the rim.

Tigers on the run.

Armani Chaney setting up the offense.

Tripp Davis with the finish at the rim.

Eyes on the prize.

Daniel Cummings with the three from the corner.

Michael Littlejohn for three!

Kamar McKnight focused at the free throw line.

Damarri Moore driving to the rim.

Kamar McKnight with the tough finish.

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