The NCAA Tournament Bracket Is Out: My Thoughts On The March Madness Field

This year has been a down year for NCAA basketball. Some teams were excited because they barely got in the tournament. Some teams had their bubbles burst. Upon further review of this year's teams, there were two huge mistakes made by the committee.

Virginia Commonwealth University(VCU) and University of Alabama at Birmingham(UAB) both got in the tournament. They will both be playing in Dayton, Ohio in the play-in game on Tuesday. Let's take a further look at these team's resumes. VCU didn't really beat a great team this year. Matter of fact, VCU had 11 wins versus teams that were ranked outside the Top 100-150 teams in college basketball, which drags down your RPI. They beat George Mason this year. Other than that, they beat no one. That's atrocious. I don't understand that pick of them in the tournament.

UAB played in one of the weakest conferences in America, Conference USA. Its says a lot when your conference champion, Memphis, gets into the tournament with a 12 seed. Memphis swept UAB this season. Now, UAB may have played Georgia and Duke this year, but who did they beat? They beat one team in the Top 50 rankings and that was Virginia Commonwealth by 3. They were 0-4 against any other Top 50 competition. What was the reason they got in again?

Here's two teams that should have been in the tournament instead: Colorado and Virginia Tech. Colorado may have sputtered in their games before the conference season, but they went 6-7 against Top 50 teams, including beating tournament teams like Kansas State 3 times, Missouri once and Texas once. I'm mad for them because they didn't get in. They deserved to be in more than UAB and VCU.

Virginia Tech played in the ACC and they did struggle this year at times. I admit their schedule was pretty weak outside the ACC, but they played in a bigger conference with tougher opponents and managed to get a .500 record in the ACC along with beating Duke and Florida State, which are participants in this year's tournament. Did VCU or UAB beat that many teams that are in the tournament? I don't think so.

The criteria the NCAA selection committee used for these selections needs to be explained. I can't understand why the teams that couldn't handle their business can get in over a teams that fared pretty well in a bigger conference and showed up more in their big games. Its because of this huge mess up that I agree with what Jay Bilas and the ESPN crew are saying about the selection committee needing more basketball people. The suggestions of former Georgetown coach John Thompson and former Indiana and Texas Tech coach Bob Knight were very solid suggestions because they know basketball and have coached it for a very long time. In the end, none of these decisions can be changed, but before next year, the NCAA basketball selection committee proved changes need to be made.

If you have any more teams that you feel should have been in the tournament or thoughts on teams that should not have got in, feel free to drop a comment.

2 Responses

  1. I have to disagree with you on VCU. They played Tennessee very tough and only lost by 5 at a nuetral location, and 2 days later they beat UCLA. They also beat an ACC team in Wake Forest early in the season and lost in overtime by only 1 to USF. Their conference may not be the strongest but I think being competitive in those games early in the season helped them a lot.

    The case fort UAB isn’t as clean cut, but they were competitive playing at Arizona St. and Georgia, losing by only 3 and 2 points, respectively. They also beat VCU and UAB’s RPI is #31, so I can see how they made it in the field.

    • The Buffaloes beat Kansas State and Texas. I think their wins have more value. In the case of UAB, they may have played teams, but who did they beat? Only VCU.

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