The Fallacy Of Bad Officiating

lebron talking to official Officiating has been one of the biggest thorns in a lot of fans’ collective eyes. Fan have let it be known their thoughts on officiating over the years and it is no secret that most are not thrilled with them. Some would even say that their calls throughout the game could be the cause of their teams losing. It seems as if everyone wants the same thing: perfect officiating. But honestly, is it really possible for perfect officiating to happen?

Examining some of the complaints with officials can leave you with mixed reviews. One complaint that always comes up is the free throw line disparity. For example, the University of Memphis played against the University of Connecticut this past Saturday. The Huskies won the game in overtime by five points, but there was some discussion over the discrepancy in free throws shots. The Tigers shot nine free throws the entire game while the Huskies shot thirty-six free throws. The first thing you would hear is the Tigers were treated unfairly by the officials. That may or may not be true, but what is being missed is the Tigers were not the aggressor for most of the game. More often than not, the team that is more aggressive gets rewarded with the calls. The Huskies came out and went right at Memphis and that made all the difference in the disparity.

Vision of a referee is always a thing that is questioned. You always see people disagreeing with a referee with every blown whistle. And with those "missed calls", plenty believe the referees are blowing calls against their teams on purpose. But the imperative word to remember is judgment in these situations. Not everyone is going to interpret each and every call the same way. Some see every single bit of contact as a foul, while others think that more contact should be let go. No wonder there is complaining on every single call. Some don't understand there is contact in the game of basketball while others have the game confused with football. With no clear and concise definition of how the game is played, more fans have a distorted view of what is or isn't a foul. And that leads to disgruntled fans and some inaccurate statements.

The root of most of the complaints really comes down to one big thing: sore losing. When their team is losing, the fans of that team are the main ones complaining about the officiating. And not only do they complain, but people always bring up the “if this call had been made then we would have won” statements. Honestly, the only reason a lot of people complain about perceived bad calls is due to their team not getting the benefit of the whistle. If the situation was turned around and there was a supposed missed call that benefitted their team, there would be no complaint at all from those same fans. Funny how that one works when bad calls help your team.

It’s always interesting to see how fans can view calls when they affect the teams they root for. Some become blind to the fact that maybe their team did not deserve some calls. And it seems the refs are used as an excuse for why their team did not win. In the end, good teams do not depend on the referees nor do they blame them. Good teams win despite what is perceived as a bad call or not.

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