The Everyday Man’s Final Four Predictions

The college basketball season comes down to this weekend. There's only four teams left and the most exciting thing is that anyone can win this weekend. Without further adieu, here's my preview of the Final Four in Houston.

VCU vs. Butler
The first game of the day in Houston matches Butler versus the team that many consider this year's version of Butler. In this game, there's a contrast of styles. Butler likes to run a lot of halfcourt offense. They shoot three's as well as attack the rim with PF Matt Howard and SG Shelvin Mack. On the other side, VCU is a team that likes to get up and down the floor and shoots a ton of 3's. A few things will tell you who will win this game. The pace of the game will be crucial to each team's success. If the game is uptempo, VCU has a good shot to win. If Butler slows the game down, they increase their chances to win. The matchup at PG will also tell the story of the game. PG Joey Rodriguez is the main ingredient in the Ram attack and Butler PG Ronald Nored will be matched up with him all game. Matt Howard must also come out and dominate the game with his 3 point shooting and toughness in the post. He will face tough competition in PF Jamie Skeen. The difference in this game will be SG Shelvin Mack. The Rams don't have anyone to match up with him and he will be a problem for them all game long. This game will be close.
Prediction: Butler 65, VCU 61

Kentucky vs. UCONN
The primetime matchup pitts two teams playing incredible basketball. UCONN is led by PG Kimba Walker. Kentucky is led by freshman All-America PG Brandon Knight. Kentucky will have a tough time matching up with Walker all game, so expect the Wildcats to try and get the ball out of his hands by hard traps. If Kentucky is to win, they must make other guys like Shabazz Napier and Jeremy Lamb beat them. And like Kentucky has to stop Walker, UCONN has to stop Knight. He has been clutch in the post-season, hitting big shot after big shot. UCONN must run Knight off the three-point line. A telling sign in this game will be the tempo. Kentucky can get out and run, but this year's team is more of a halfcourt team. If UCONN is allowed to get out and run, then Kentucky could be in some trouble. Another telling sign in this game will be the rebounding battle. Kentucky must continue to get the production out of Harrelson on the boards. If he's allowed to own the boards, UCONN would not be able to run and the Wildcats would have more chances to kill the Huskies from behind the arc, where the Kentucky has been deadly this year. PF Alex Oriakhi and crew must play big. If the Huskies don't get any production inside, they could face some serious problems. I think the difference in this game will be the defensive effort of the Wildcats, the play of their veterans (DeAndre Liggins, Josh Harrelson and Darius Miller) and the wildcard could be SEC Freshman of the Year, PF Terrance Jones.
Prediction: Kentucky 68, UCONN 63

These are my predictions for the Final Four. If you got any other predictions for the Final Four, feel free to drop a comment. Everyone enjoy the games.

7 Responses

  1. Carlos D

    Suprising you picked Kentucky, lol.

    • I just feel that they are playing good basketball and that if Terrence Jones can take UCONN’s bigs out on the perimeter, the Wildcats will win.

  2. James Rutherford

    I think whoever wins the Kentucky vs.UCONN game will win the National Championship. Let’s Go Kentucky !

    • Well, I wouldn’t go that far. A lot of people think that the winner of the Huskies/Wildcats game will be the champs, but I really would discount Butler or VCU.

      • I meant to say that I really wouldn’t discount Butler or VCU in the championship game.

  3. This has been one the strangest tournaments I’ve ever seen. VCU/Butler will be a historic game, two unranked teams in a Final Four game. This occurrence says a lot about college basketball today, anyone can win it all. I think the Huskies win, Kemba is just on another level and Lamb is coming into his own.

  4. Kareem Howard

    I still got UCONN on my bracket. Kimba Walker is a clutch shooter.

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