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The Perfect Dream For A Cubs Fan Like Me

Summertime in Nashville, Tennessee. Those were the times that I would sit around my house and watch television. And during that time, that is when I would discover baseball. I would often find myself watching things like tennis, ESPN and reruns of old 80's shows, but then I would wander to WGN to watch a...
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It’s Been Past Fifteen Minutes For Tim Tebow

The spotlight is something is something that many are in these days. Some don't really love the spotlight while others crave it. Those that don't really care for it tend to do what they need to do and get out of the view of others. While those that crave the spotlight will do anything they...
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The Unexpected Importance Of Dexter Fowler

After helping the Chicago Cubs make it to the National League Championship Series, Dexter Fowler hit free agency. Going into free agency, Fowler thought there would be plenty offers for him. But unfortunately, there was not quite as many as he thought there were. The Cubs seemed to be turning the page on signing him...
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