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TESM’s Inteview With ESPN Radio’s Freddie Coleman

ESPN Radio has been revolutionary in bringing sports talk radio to the forefront. One of the voices that many have gotten familiar with is Freddie Coleman. Recently, I got to catch up with Freddie and here is what we talked about! MP: So, what's it...
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Interview With Tony Barnhart

There's some things in the South that are staples: college football, hot summers and Tony Barnhart. Barnhart has been covering collegiate sports for a very long time in the South and has reached iconic status in the SEC. Here's what we talked about when I caught up with him. patton26: How did you first get involved...
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Interview With Charles Davis

Charles Davis is had a successful career in college football. He was a great player at the University of Tennessee and he has continued his success in his broadcasting career including working for the Big Ten Network and also various analyst appearances on NFL football broadcasts....
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