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Floyd ran his record to 48-0 after his victory against Pacman. (photo courtesy of

Floyd ran his record to 48-0 after his victory against Pacman. (photo courtesy of

The boxing world was very excited last night. The fight that many wanted to see, Floyd “Money” Mayweather versus Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao, was finally here. There were many that were hoping that Pacman would knock out Money Mayweather while there were others that were looking to see Money make it 48-0 after dispatching of Pacman. Well, those that were hoping for Mayweather to take a loss were sadly disappointed as he won by unanimous decision against Pacquiao. The illustrious career of Money goes on, unblemished after 48 matches. And on the other side of the equation, Pacman takes another loss in his career. Even though Pacman believes he won the match, and said so afterwards, there was no way he won it at all. But with the way the match went, there was also some chatter among social media. Many that viewed the fight were upset with how the match went. After paying the nearly $100 for the fight, some were looking for an all-out brawl in the ring. There were many that came at Floyd because they felt he ran the entire match instead of getting into a scrap with Manny. And as a result of that, some refuse to give him credit for who he is as a boxer. But little do some of these so-called “boxing fans” know that we just witnessed one of the best boxers of this generation do what he does best and what makes him great.

Honestly, I have no idea why people were expecting Floyd to come out swinging at Pacman. If anyone has watched any of Floyd’s matches, he has never done so. The thing that makes Floyd such a great boxer is his defense. He is not one to open up and go for knockout blows all the time. And in this match, he played defense great. He defended any flurry that Pacquiao brought to him and escaped relatively untouched. And while he was playing defense, he happened to hit Pacman with more punches and was more accurate than he was. Now for those that said Mayweather was running, how does a guy that lands 67 more punches (148 to 81) with almost the same amount of punches qualify as running? If anything, it proves that Mayweather was doing his usual defensive fighting and that Pacquiao could not defend himself. And if anyone was paying attention during the fight, it seemed that Pacquiao kept running right into Floyd’s jab and he was off balance the entire night. That is Mayweather at his best is what we saw last night. He is a tactician when it comes to boxing and that tactical boxing took Manny out of his game. The reckless boxer that Manny can be at times was one that looked a little confused and unsure of what he wanted to do during the match. And when he charged, Floyd ducked pretty much all the blows to the tune of Pacman only landing 19% of his punches to Floyd’s 34%.

One other thing that needs to be addressed is the thought that Floyd should have took more chances and came at Manny. Basically, some thought Mayweather should have punched it out a little bit more with Pacquiao. But what people tend to forget is boxing is not about going and knocking someone out all the time. Opening yourself up to licks while getting licks on your opponent is a dangerous way to try and win a boxing match. Many who complained about Mayweather’s style of boxing would not want to stand in there to get hit over and over again in a boxing ring, so why do you expect him to do so? That would not make sense because boxing is not about getting hit. Boxing is about hitting people and avoiding being hit. Getting hit a lot and winning a boxing match isn’t something that happens regularly in boxing and is especially not something that happens with successful boxers. The only successful boxer that got hit and beat to a pulp and win all the time was a fictional boxer and his name was Rocky Balboa. Sylvester Stallone’s iconic character was beat to a bloody pulp in almost each of the Rocky films but somehow found a way to come out on top most of the time. And even to this day, that character is still beloved in the city of Philadelphia. But also in the movie, Balboa suffered brain damage from taking too many shots to the head. Now imagine if someone did what Balboa did in real life, taking all those shots to the head while winning. They would not last very long at all. As much as boxing is a physical sport, it needs to also be recognized as a mental sport as well. You have to be able to think the game as well as be able to fight. If you can do one but not the other, then it will lead to some loses and a not-so-successful career.

The boxing world witnessed another good performance from Money Mayweather and all you can hear from many is that he was not impressive. If that is the case, then those that are saying that do not understand the sweet science to begin with. Knockouts are part of boxing but they are not all of it. There is some strategy that is involved also. Watching boxers over the years will tell you that simple fact. So before you criticize Mayweather for his style, understand that he is a defensive fighter and he is great at what he does. Even though many may not like him personally, in the ring he one of the greatest boxers of all-time and that cannot be disputed at all.

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  1. Kareem Howard

    Well said. I think I explained this concept to my wife and in-laws about ,3xs. Unfortunately, many of us are spoiled by people such Mike Tyson, Lenox Lewis and Roy Jones Jr. People see boxing as more of a gladiator sport than anything.

  2. the BEST tho is the all the sports writers-tv media saying the same as the early part of your article. Do you people actually watch sports? How about Oscar DLH’s tweet saying “sorry fans”? Really dude? Your decision loss to Floyd was even MORE boring. He knew he had to knock him out and couldnt come close. You got what you paid for. It’s your fault for paying for it


    THEE THING About n Behind EVERYONES GRIPE was for ALL of the HYPE N BUILDUP – it did NOT meet THE FIGHT…”Sugar Ray Leonard” was One of THEE GREATEST “BOXERS” EVER n he FOUGHT Roberto Duran in their First Match; Sugar Ray BOXED N FOUGHT Thomas Hearns in Their SUPERFIGHT; Sugar Ray BOXED and took his Shots at Marvin Hagler; Pernell Whitaker was just as Great of a Defensive Boxer as Floyd Mayweather n He would Get Busy at opportune times – even more from one Meldrick Taylor…there were several “Boxers & Tacticians” in Boxing – the Bottom Line is n to Everyone who Ordered the Fight & who were for n against Floyd Mayweather was that the Fight was WACK…it was DULL – there were NO “OOOOOH” Moments from Blows NOR Exchanges…the Fight did NOT meet the Standards of ALL of HYPE N BUILDUP to n of the Fight – that’s what EVERYONE was n is DISappointed about…Including ones who BET ON N WON with Floyd Mayweather.

    • I don’t know why those said folks expected Floyd yo fight a different fight and not stay true to who he is Reggie. He has been this same fighter for 47 matches before this. Why change now?

      • REGGIE

        You’re Indeed Right about that. I think it was simply from ALL of the Hype & Buildup n it being a Fight that was 5 Years Overdue and the Anticipation of it. Also, from it being presumably his next to last Fight – with the possibility of it being a Rematch; and, Pacquiao being the One TO Defeat Mayweather. ALL of those things Together leading to Floyd going ALL OUT n when he Didn’t, hence Everyone’s DISappointment & Gripe.

        • Floyd stayed true to what he is, which is a defensive tactician. When you start doing things you aren’t used to, that’s when you lose.


    I KNOW All about “Boxing” and Boxers who were “Tacticians” and Boxers who were “Defensive” Boxers n I UNDERSTAND their Philosophies, Concepts & Strategies. Its just that the Fight was BORING from the standpoint of ALL of the Talk from Floyd Mayweather and from Freddie Roach & Manny Pacquiao; the Hype & Buildup; it being a Mega-Fight; the Historic $$$$$ Generated; Etc…Every Point one could Imagine – it did NOT meet ANY Nor NONE of the Aforementioned…NO-one is interested in a Rematch – IF there were one; and, from last night’s LACKLUSTER Fight – the interest of Boxing in general is DIMINISHED. In the History of Boxing, Championship Fights of such n even less Magnitude – the Action met the Hype n Buildup…NOT this!!! It DOESN’T take a REAL Boxing Fan to know or realize that this Fight was DIS-appointing, DULL, LACKLUSTER N BORING.

  5. Lee Love

    my dad was a professional middle weight for a short while until injuries took him out of the game he taught me that there are fighters and there are boxers and boxing is a skill as you said its not about knocking everyone out it’s about scoring points and Mayweather is a master at that…I didn’t spend the $100 to watch because I figured he would do just what he did based on all his previous matches…lots of people wanted a brawl and was disappointed that’s too bad because one again Mayweather demonstrated the art of boxing and he does that well

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