Caleb Plant successfully defends his title in his hometown

When you think of Nashville, anyone who is or isn't from here thinks music and Titans football. Not many will think of boxing when it comes to the Music City. On Saturday night though, that all changed as Nashville native Caleb Plant brought boxing back to Nashville, as he defended his Super Middleweight title, which was the first title boxing match in Nashville in 23 years.

Caleb didn't disappoint as he came out and measured Vincent Feigenbutz to start the match, trying to catch a rhythm to what he was going to do. As the match went on, Plant connected more and more, with Feigenbutz having blood coming out of his nose going into Round 4.

To his credit, Feigenbutz was hanging in there with everything Plant was throwing at him and was landing a few punches of his own as he fought to hang in there through round 5 and even had a flurry of punches he got in on Plant in Round 6, but to that, Plant responded "No sir", as they boxed on and the punches didn't even faze him.

Plant continued to land body blows and blows to Feingenbutz's face as the match went on and with a combination in the tenth round, the ref stopped the match in favor of Plant. The hometown kid came home and handled business, improving to 20-11 with 12 knockouts.

After the match, Caleb left no doubt about how good home felt:

“I was super fueled by the crowd tonight. I could have gone all night. The whole city came out. Nashville stand up!"

Along with the graciousness of the crowd, he also spoke of one person he is wanting to see and wants to see now:

" Everyone knows I want that unification fight with David Benavidez. You know who the best 168 pounder is. If you want that, you’ve got to come to see me. I want that fight, I’ve been asking for it and I’m tired of waiting!"

Something tells me Plant won't have to wait long before he gets his opportunity, but for right now, the joy of the hometown guy bringing the boxing here is taking over.

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