Did Manny Ramirez Retire Or Did He Try To Run And Hide?

Manny Ramirez has been a great hitter for many years in his career. He helped bring a championship to Boston and combined with David Ortiz to be one of the scariest 1-2 combinations in baseball at one time. Manny, who was most recently playing with the Tampa Bay Rays, abruptly decided to retire. But his retirement comes with a huge cloud over it.

Manny came up in the Cleveland Indian organization as a power-hitting outfielder with a sweet swing and an eye at the plate. He lived up to the billing in Cleveland and eventually moved on to Boston and then to Los Angeles and this year landed in Tampa. But for as much as Manny was known as a great hitter, all that will be erased because of his two big run-ins with performance-enhancing drugs.

Manny tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs in 2009 while playing for the Los Angeles Dodgers. He was suspended for 50 games that season. When Manny came back, he seemed to be a shell of what he was before the suspension. His batting average went down .100 points, his RBI production started to diminish and his at bats per homeruns went from around 12 to 24. It was apparent that whatever he was taking was gone and had been carrying his game.

Manny was traded to the Chicago White Sox at the end of last year and he was a free agent this summer. The Tampa Bay Rays took a chance on him and signed Ramirez to a one year deal. Well, apparently, Ramirez didn't learn from the first time he tested positive for PED's because he tested positive again during spring training. This time he was faced with a 100 game suspension. Well, instead of Ramirez serving the suspension, he retired. Now his legacy will forever be tainted.

Ramirez joins a list of players who we don't know what all they did clean and what they did when they were under the influence of the PED's. And its because of this, Ramirez will never be recognized by the Hall of Fame nor will he be considered by most fans as a great baseball player. In my opinion, he will now be considered a cheater who never learned and retired only to hide from his issues.

3 Responses

  1. Manny just bought his ticket out of the HOF, getting caught twice in two years is pretty dumb or pretty arrogant. We all know that he was a great natural hitter, but now his homerun power has to come into question. He also probably knew all along that if he got caught again, he would just retire with quarter billion dollars he’s made playing baseball.


  2. Greatest clutch hitter ever, has nothing to do with PED’s. Now he just removed all doubt he’s an idiot. Runnin and hiding like scared lil girl

    • He’s up there with greatest clutch hitters ever, but PED’s could have affected that too. I’m not saying that they affected his hand/eye coordination, but when you use PED’s, an inside pitch that may jam the normal player could turn into a bloop single just based off the extra strength and muscle endurance alone.

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