America’s Favorite Past Time?

The World Series is going on. It is going to be a good matchup. The Texas Rangers versus the San Francisco Giants. The problem is no one is interested and no one will be watching.

There used to be a time when baseball captured people's imaginations and the excitement would capture the nation. It just seems like these days baseball is just something that is on television to occupy space. You would think there would be a way that the former favorite sport of America could make a comeback. In my eyes, if baseball is to make a comeback, some adjustments need to be made.

The first adjustment would be to integrate baseball into the inner-city neighborhoods. It seems like these days there are no baseball teams in the inner city. The issue isn't that the sport isn't liked, it just isn't introduced. Baseball is seen as a sport where people have to have a lot of money to play, when in all actuality, you don't.

Another thing that baseball should do is shorten the season. The season runs right into football season every year. If I took a poll of people interested in baseball during football season, 1 out of 10 people would be interested. Why not shorten the season and take advantage of the summertime and the absence of pro and college football.

And finally, baseball should try and speed up the tempo. A lot of times, baseball is the sport considered by most to put people to sleep because of the constant staling of the pitchers and the stalling of the managers. The shorter the game, the more people would be interested.

So, when you turn on your TV tonight and some of you watch the World Series, take these theories and thoughts into consideration and think what the game would be. It would be a game where kids would see more of themselves out there and also the sport would be the main attraction throughout the summer.

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  1. Kareem Howard

    In addition to this, other problems that contribute to this is the lack of a black presence in Major League Baseball. Baseball has become an international sport dominated mainly by Latinos and Japanese players who were stars in their respective leagues and is crossing over to the states to make the big bucks. Black people like sports in which possess a little swagger and the opportunity to show off after making a big play. I just don’t see us juking after making a double play or hitting a homerun, it’s not a good look and the sport is not designed like that. And last, Americans have a short attention span when it comes to sports. We like to see a lot of points on the board. Can you count on your fingers how many World Cup Soccer games you’ve watched this summer? Bottom line is that Basketball and Football and Hip Hop music has ruined any chance of baseball ever becoming a popular sport in our community.

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