Ballers And Wankstas Of The Week-Week 9

Players played. Ballers balled and some players just flat-out left it all at home. Here are the Ballers and Wankstas of Week 9 in the NFL!

Ballers Of The Week

RB Arian Foster, Houston Texans (19 carries, 124 yards, 1 TD)
Foster came out and handled business. It seemed at first this year that he was going to struggle with a hamstring injury, but what a difference a few weeks make! He's back to torching defenses again as usual. And this is dangerous. Just ask the Browns how dangerous he was this past weekend.

Eli Manning, QB, New York Giants (20/39, 250 yards, 2 TDs, 1 INT)
The game was in the balance. The Giants were down and most had counted them out. Then Manning went to work. No, not Peyton, but Eli. Eli was clutch and came through when his team needed him most. I guess he has Brady's number.

Jordy Nelson, WR, Green Bay Packers (5 receptions, 105 yards, 1 TD)
Nelson is just one of a plethora of talented Packers receiver. He gives Aaron Rodgers yet another weapon to punish teams with. Good luck stopping all their weapons.

Patrick Peterson, CB/WR, Arizona Cardinals
Peterson has been electrifying returning punts this year, but this one takes the cake. In overtime, Peterson took a punt 99 yards for the game-winning TD. Peterson is truly a special return guy. Now he has to get his defensive back swagger back and stop getting penalized so much.

Wankstas Of The Week

Phillip Rivers, QB, San Diego Chargers (26/46, 385 yards, 4 TDs, 3 INTs)
Rivers has been good. Rivers has been bad. And most recently, he's been ugly. Against the Packers, he threw two pick-6's and he also threw the game-sealing interception to Green Bay's Charlie Peprah. He's just been off this year. All I know if he better get it together if the Chargers want to make the playoffs this year.

Ryan Fitzpatrick, QB, Buffalo Bills (15/31, 191 yards, TD, 2 INTs)
Fitzpatrick came back down to Earth this week as the Jets took him out of his game. For the Bills' sake, they better hope this performance is a blip on the screen because they just opened up the pocket book to sign Fitzgerald long-term.

DeSean Jackson, WR, Philadelphia Eagles (2 receptions, 16 yards)
Action Jackson was missing in action Monday. He also gave up a fumble on a punt return as well. He needs to come out of the haze and be special again. His team needs him.

Kansas City Chiefs
The Chiefs didn't show up this week. So for all NFL fans, here is where they were. They were getting ready for the Wankstas list this week. Wake up Chiefs. It was football time Sunday and you didn't even show up. C'mon man!

These are my Ballers and Wankstas of the Week! If you have any players or teams you would like to add to either list, feel free to drop a comment.


6 Responses

  1. dallah smith

    Gud Wankstas List this week Great Ballers list as well Eagles can’t get it Done without ActionJackson sometimes it best the pay who already performs on a highlevel for your team before bringing in people who let the secondary get burnt every week

  2. Ryan Clark is a candidate for wanksta for being out of position for the Ravens winning TD. What was he doing?

  3. What is up with DeSean jackson this year, crazy!

  4. Great job once again Mike, my favorite baller from your list was Patrick Peterson. I mean, how often do you see a punt return for a TD to win the game? And, 99 yards? Just ridiculous.

  5. Philip Rivers is over hyped! Why am I the only person who sees this? He deserves to be wanksta of the week. He is exactly who I thought he was. And I agree with an early comment about Ryan Clark. What was going on there?

  6. I’m still trying to comprehend Phillip Rivers. I could never comprehend his shotput-esque motion and why it is so successful but now I’m in amazement of his terrible play. He has always been so solid. He definitely deserves that spot there amongst the wanksters, but there’s some part of me that thinks it’s just a matter of time before he turns it around,

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