Ballers And Wankstas Of The Week-Week 1

Welcome everyone! Its that time again where we recognize great individual/team efforts as well as the dud performances. The Ballers and Wankstas of the Week. And if you didn't know, Wankstas are something you don't want to be recognized as. Without further adieu, here they are!!

Ballers Of The Week

QB Tom Brady, New England Patriots (32-48, 517 yards, 4 TDs, 1 INT)
Brady went down to South Beach and showed them how a superstar handles his business. He sliced and diced the Dolphins secondary on his way to setting a franchise record in passing yards. And the crazy thing about his numbers, he only completed one of his 32 completions to WR Chad Ochocinco for 14 yards. That's spells TROUBLE for the rest of the NFL.

RB LaSean McCoy, Philadelphia Eagles (15 carries, 122 yards, 1 TD)
Shady got busy in the Lou on the ground. He used his great vision and shiftyness to keep the Rams defense at bay and make his offensive linemen look fantastic. If the Eagles get a consistent running game, then they will truly be the video game offense people think they can be.

WR/KR/PR Ted Ginn Jr., San Francisco 49ers (102 yard Kickoff return for TD, 55 yard punt return for TD)
When the game was getting tight in the 4th quarter, Ginn decided to take the game in his hands. He flat-out embarrassed the Seattle special teams with his blazing speed. Looks like Ginn may be getting back to being the beast of a returner that he has been in the past.

Baltimore Offense and Defense
The Baltimore defense came out and forced 7 TO's as they completely dominated the Pittsburgh Steelers offense. To quote one of my friends: "The Ravens made the Steel Curtain looks like a shower curtain." They dominated the Steeler D and made them look old and decrepit. The only thing that was missing from this game was the voice from Mortal Kombat yelling "Finish Them". This game was a Total Domination.

Wankstas Of The Week

QB Donovan McNabb, Minnesota Vikings (7/15, 39 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT)
You would think that a professional QB could pass for more than 39 yards on in half a quarter, let along a full game. Saying he played horrible is an understatement. If this is what we can expect from McNabb, please put Joe Webb or Christian Ponder in. At least they can get better. Maybe its time for McNabb to say goodbye because the farewell tour isn't going so well.

Tennessee Titans Offensive Line and RB Chris Johnson
One of the league's best running backs and you only gain 24 yards in a game? Wow. But I can't blame Chris Johnson for all of this. The offensive line couldn't block anyone. They were blowing assignments left and right and they looked like Stevie Wonder trying to make some of these blocks at times. The running has to be better, but it starts with the offensive line.

TE Jimmy Graham, New Orleans Saints
Down 42-27, Jimmy Graham scores a TD to cut the lead down to 42-33. He then proceeds to to Aaron Rogers 'Championship Belt' celebration. Excuse me Mr. Graham, but why are we dancing and doing celebrations when you're down late in a game? Just makes no sense to me. Please take your right hand, place in on your forehead, and form and L please. Thank you.

Kansas City
The Kansas City team just may as well have not showed up. They looked unmotivated and unprepared. They made the Buffalo Bills look like The Greatest Show on Turf offensively and they made the Bills defense look like the Steel Curtain. Whatever the case, this is unacceptable from the defending AFC West champions. Let me stop talking about them before I get sick thinking about that ugly performance.

If you feel someone or some team should have made the Ballers or Wankstas list that didn't, feel free to drop a comment with your candidate for Baller or Wanksta of the week.

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  1. Dallah Smith

    GreenBay Randall Cobb Rookie Debute also Rookie bebute Cam Newton got to give Rookies Shine we then seen this from TomBrady when he’s doing all that they can’t get a playoff win at home

  2. Yeah DAWG MY STEELERS looked expired…….but having said that its WEEK 1 SEE THEM OCT 23 and the CHIEFS got 2 things in the wrong direction….Charlie WEIS is in GAINSVILLE n ALL EVERYTHING SAFETY ERIC BERRY IS done for the year…..thats it SPORTSBLOGsmurf…..good stuff

  3. 7Boss1

    Darren McFadden belongs on the ballers list with his 150 rushin yds but his team even tho they won should be on the wanksta list right along with Denver for the ridiculous amount of penalties

  4. As impressive as Brady was, we expect it. The BIGGEST BALLAH was by Cam Newton! Dude was awesome and impressed the heck out of me, and did with WITHOUT his legs. Tho next week they get the Pack, a much better defense, you have to be able to take advantage of the weak in this league if your gonna have a chance at beating the greats!

  5. Additional wankstas are the Pittsburgh steelers, Matt cassal and the colts minus Peyton they all get the gas face lol

  6. Tony “Always Chokes, Never Clutch” Romo needs to be on here for thorwing the ball to Revis with a min left in the game.

  7. I agree with hesaidshesaidfootball. Tony Romo’s collapse was pretty sad to watch if you’re a Cowboys fan. Thankfully, I’m not, so I’m happy.

  8. Also, proud to say that LeSean McCoy is on my fantasy team!

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