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The Battle for Los Angeles and the Western Conference

This offseason, everyone was wondering what the Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers were going to do. Would LeBron get his second superstar or would they get two? Would the Clippers get two superstars with their cap space? No one knew but there were names floated around like Anthony Davis, Kawhi Leonard...

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Houston Rockets: Falling Apart at the wrong time

The Houston Rockets have been trying to catapult themselves to the top of the West for a few years now. The biggest trade during that time was the acquisition of former Clippers point guard Chris Paul. The result has been one not exactly what the Rockets wanted, as they have fallen short year...

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How the new-look New Orleans Pelicans stack up

The Pelicans and Anthony Davis were at a stalemate. Davis wanted out and the David Griffin was trying, as management, to convince him to stay. They got the number one pick and thought that may give him one reason not to leave, but his mind was made up and Davis wanted out. The...

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Anthony Davis is a Laker; What’s Next?

It hasn't been a secret that Anthony Davis wanted to be out of New Orleans. His agent, Rich Paul, publicly stated that he wanted a trade, drawing the ire of some fans. And while the Pelicans seemingly did not want to trade him when David Griffin came on board in their management department,...

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