Open Your Eyes!

The dream of writing was one I never knew I FB_IMG_1446731249203had. On a July ride back from Georgia in 2010, my wife and I were listening to sports talk. There was a perspective on a particular sports talk show that I disagreed with. I mumbled, grumbled and was going off on the subject as we rode back to Tennessee. I actually thought I could come up with something better on the discussed topic. Well, my wife put me to the test when she said I should write about it. From there, my writing started with The Everyday Man’s Sports Blog. I was raw with my perspective. Of course I had no idea what I was really doing. The only writing training I had was English class in high school and college. I took that and made it into what I thought was something that voiced my opinion. And from there, my voice was created. Over the years, I have written at many different places. From short pieces to lengthy ones, my style has varied. And over that time, a voice developed. It was not one that was similar to another, but my unique voice.

In the media, there are many different sports subjects that are written about daily. And to no one’s surprise, there are many ideas that are regurgitated over and over again to the point of exhaustion. As one that watches sports and reads sports articles frequently, there comes a time when the voices that are bringing the word to us become the same white noise that we hear everywhere else. FB_IMG_1446731201414There is originality out there, but there are also a lot of people copying each other’s styles. And unfortunately in that, originality is sacrificed for instant recognition or fame. With that search for instant gratification comes a clock that starts counting down for many aspiring to make it. It starts at fifteen minutes and counts down fast or slow. But whatever the case, time eventually runs out and the spotlight is gone. The fifteen minutes sparked by the copycat style eventually concludes. The originality has gone missing and the voice has now become a whisper.

Over the years, my voice has been one thing that I refuse to lose. Through writing for Free of 106 and Park fame, or writing for places like Brotha Magazine, City Sports Report or My Mind On Sports, I have always kept my voice. In a world where voices in sports are getting lost daily, mine will remain strong. And hopefully this site will give those that have a voice and want it to be heard even more hope that it can happen. Mine was sparked in 2010 on a summer ride home. There may be others that are still searching for theirs. You could find it today, tomorrow or at an unexpected point. But once it is discovered, your eyes will open up just a little bit more. This is my voice coming live to the world. Welcome to Sports Awakening.