Monthly Archives: July 2019

Health will keep Carson Wentz from his own title run

The Philadelphia Eagles are a team everyone has to think about in the NFC, which is a far cry from the days with Chip Kelly and how that debacle ended. With Doug Pederson bringing home a title to the city, the expectations of the team reached even higher levels. And with the signing...

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Pay Zeke Now. Pay Dak Later

The Dallas Cowboys have been searching for that next championship for some time now. There have been dark days and there have been times where they thought they were close but didn't get the job done. Over the last few seasons, they hit the draft lottery in finding a starting quarterback and a...

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The Battle for Los Angeles and the Western Conference

This offseason, everyone was wondering what the Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers were going to do. Would LeBron get his second superstar or would they get two? Would the Clippers get two superstars with their cap space? No one knew but there were names floated around like Anthony Davis, Kawhi Leonard...

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