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  • DeMar Derozan’s fit in San Antonio
    DeMar Derozan’s fit in San Antonio

    DeMar DeRozan was considered the greatest Toronto Raptor of all-time by many. He has been the face of the franchise for some time and has helped lead the organization to contention in the East. After...

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  • Kawhi Leonard lands north of the border
    Kawhi Leonard lands north of the border

    The Kawhi Leonard rumors have been out there for what seems like an eternity. Would he get shipped to Los Angeles, where he wanted to go? Would he play for the Lakers, Clippers or just...

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  • Ben McLemore: Back for the second time
    Ben McLemore: Back for the second time

    The Sacramento Kings and Ben McLemore have a history together. Back in 2013, the Kings drafted McLemore with the seventh overall pick. The thinking was that the former Kansas guard would be their shooting guard...

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  • The fall of Jahlil Okafor
    The fall of Jahlil Okafor

    Going into the 2015 NBA Draft, there was a question to some as to who would be the first overall draft pick. Big man Karl-Anthony Towns was mentioned, but some wondered about the Kentucky freshman...

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  • Examining the choice Dwyane Wade has to make
    Examining the choice Dwyane Wade has to make

    Dwyane Wade is one of the best shooting guards of his era. He was the driving force behind the Heat winning their first title when he took over the 2006 NBA Finals against the Dallas...

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  • Tyreke Evans heads to the Pacers
    Tyreke Evans heads to the Pacers

    The Indiana Pacers had little to nothing expected of them when it came to making the playoffs. They had traded Paul George to Indian for the services of Victor Oladipo and Domantas Sabonis. Oladipo, at...

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FB_IMG_1446731210491The dream of writing was one I never knew I had. On a July ride back from Georgia in 2010, my wife and I were listening to sports talk. There was a perspective on a particular sports talk show that I disagreed with. I mumbled, grumbled and was going off on the subject as we rode back to Tennessee. I actually thought I could come up with something better on the discussed topic. Well, my wife put me to the test when she said I should write about it.

From there, my writing started with The Everyday Man’s Sports Blog. I was raw with my perspective. Of course I had no idea what I was really doing. The only writing training I had was English class in high school and college. I took that and made it into what I thought was something that voiced my opinion. And from there, my voice was created.

Over the years, I have written at many different places. From short pieces to lengthy ones, my style has varied. And over that time, a voice developed. It was not one that was similar to another, but my unique voice.


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